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Where I Stand 2010: County and Local Offices


Every year, I spend a considerable amount of time studying each candidate and, if needed, attempting to contact them to get answers to specific questions. I would strongly encourage each of you to do the same. Here are my picks for the county and local offices.

Salt Lake County Council At-Large B: I was thankfully able to eliminate one candidate in this race almost immediately. Warren T. Rogers spends his entire campaign website talking about federal issues, but not one lick of anything about local things like the townships, transportation, the Unified Police Department and it’s fee… nothing. That kind of gross ignorance cannot be allowed in local governance. It comes down to a race between a well-known (and somewhat combative) journalist, Holly Mullen, and a Republican Party insider, Richard Snelgrove. I e-mailed both candidates some questions and didn’t initially get a response. After a public upbraiding and second round of e-mails, I had received responses from both candidates within a couple of days.


This is What Real Leadership Looks Like


It looks a lot like West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder. His take on UTOPIA:

So if you were mayor, what would you do? Walk away from the system, let it go dark and make your $147 million in payments over the next 30 years with nothing to show for it? Do you try to sell the network and take pennies on the dollar? Do you dribble in a little money so the network can limp along indefinitely, hemorrhaging cash along the way? Or do you take out a new bond that can grow your subscriber base to break-even point and beyond? A relatively small bond — 20 percent the size of the original UTOPIA bond — could do that.

Leadership is not complaining about decisions made in the past that can’t be undone. It’s not questioning whether or not the decision should have been made in the first place. It’s not endlessly blaming your predecessor for inherited problems. It means accepting the reality of your situation and choosing to make choices that lead towards the best possible outcome, no matter how painful or unpopular they may be.

If only other elected officials had the same strength. (I’m looking at you, Congress.)

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