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Where I Stand: A Rare Endorsement for Sandy Mayor in 2009


I live in an unincorporated township and do not get the privilege of municipal elections in odd-numbered years. The township I live in (White City), however, is surrounded on all sides by Sandy. My place of employment is in Sandy. The township has been in some grand fights with Sandy. To say that I am affected by Sandy City on a daily basis would be somewhat of an understatement.

I’ve been very unimpressed with the way that the current mayor, Tom Dolan, has been running his city. Hoodwinking Salt Lake City for a soccer stadium and trying to do the same for a off-Broadway theater (with the complicity of our legislature, I might add), neglecting to properly upgrade 9000 S and 10600 S to meet peak traffic demand, and equating quality of life with sales tax revenues lead me to conclude that he has spent far too much time getting comfortable in his office.

Imagine my delight, then, when a candidate I have previously endorsed decided to take on Mayor Dolan. David Perry brings a wealth of experience in local government and small business to the table coupled with a charge to make volunteerism from citizens a backbone of building up the city. I do have some issues with the ultra-conservative tone taken on his campaign website (which has little to do with running a city, I might add), but I do not think this will impact the actual administration of the city.

Citizens of Sandy, give Dolan the opportunity to pursue other opportunities. Vote for Dave Perry for Mayor in 2009.

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