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Why is Nobody Else Bothered By Rep. Holdaway's New Job?


When I initially read that Rep. Kory Holdaway was resigning his seat in the legislature to become a full-time lobbyist for the UEA, I found myself thinking “great, another revolving door lobbyist.” I had fully anticipated some kind of blogging outrage at the revolving door especially in light of the current ethics initiative being proposed. To date, the only mention of this I have seen is a small blurb in this week’s City Weekly. Isn’t anyone else concerned about this?

While Sen. Steve Urquhart points out that Rep. Holdaway’s existing personal relationships may help repair relations between the legislature and the UEA, groups that have often been at odds one with another, that existing relationship is the problem. Rep. Holdaway will be able to get face time that many other lobbyists would not and peddle influence that another lobbyist would not have.

This kind of behavior is what’s at the core of the concerns over ethics in Utah. Yet, for whatever reason, bloggers, news media, even the people spearheading the ethics petition have failed to latch onto this. Stop giving Rep. Holdaway a free pass and let him have it.

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