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Paul Rolly Misses the Real Steve Turley Story


Apparently Paul Rolly isn’t as good of a political gossip columnist as he claims to be. On Tuesday, he had a small blurb in his column about animosity between Provo Municipal Council members Steve Turley and Cindy Richards, the latter of which was recently voted out of office in a very dirty smear campaign. What he failed to miss, though, is why Cindy would have a beef with Steve. One of the comments on the story claims that Turley was involved in the StopCindy campaign headed by Utah County Republican Party Chairman Taylor Oldroyd. That would certainly explain why Richards has no desire to be anywhere near Turley and it fits perfectly with his MO.

You see, Steve Turley is an ambitious politician and a bit of an opportunist. I’ve watched the way he calculates and postures for votes, and he does it so that if things go south, he’s covered his bases. During the various votes on the fate of iProvo, he voted No both times knowing that the measures would pass so that if things went south, he could claim to not have been responsible for it. (Think Jim Matheson voting No on issues to cover his bases at home knowing full well that the House as a whole is going to hand out a Yes vote.) It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that he would throw a fellow member of the council under the bus to curry favor with party leadership, no doubt in the hope that he will get party support when (not if) he attempts to go for higher office.

And herein lies the real story: Steve Turley sacrificed Cindy Richards to further his own political career. Maybe Paul Rolly should try writing that one up instead of the meaningless blurb he came up with.

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