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GOP Primary Endorsement: Sean Reyes for Attorney General


The GOP primary for attorney general may, at first glance, appear to have very few contrasts. The candidates largely share the same big goals or continuing the federal lands fight and the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act. Once you dig deeper, however, the contrast is crystal clear. Sean Reyes is a vastly superior choice for the GOP nomination for attorney general.

What sets me ill at ease about John Swallow, the other candidate, is how he was essentially hand-picked by current attorney general Mark Shurtleff to be his successor.  Brought into the AG’s office as a right-hand man just three years ago, Swallow has spent quite a bit of time pursuing elective office. In addition to several terms in the Utah House, he ran for Congress twice. This kind of “please elect me to something” approach doesn’t speak to me as coming from someone who just wants to serve, but rather someone who’s got his sights on something else. I’m also not comfortable with the way that Shurtleff has, in the past, thrown his weight around in a bully-like fashion. I’ve heard many an anecdote that the AG’s office is not a very comfortable place to work under his leadership.

Reyes, on the other hand, seems to be very well-regarded by the lawyers I know. While Swallow builds his campaign upon high-profile red meat issues (just what do the economy and endorsing Mitt Romney have to do with being AG?), Reyes covers a much broader spectrum of law-related issues and specifically addresses white-collar crimes that have been neglected by Shurtleff’s office.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Sean Reyes in the primary election on June 26.

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