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Why I Am Seriously Considering a "None of the Above" Vote for US Senate


This race for US Senate has, quite frankly, disgusted me. It has been fully of grandstanding, backroom dealing, vicious personal attacks, rampant trolling, and general idiocy. I can usually manage to find someone worth my vote as the best choice (even if not necessarily a good one), but this particular race has me thinking that “none of the above” may be the best option out there.


The Senate Nomination Race (no, the other one)


The press and most bloggers have been fixated on the current Republican nomination race for US Senate because, hey, the odds are in their favor of winning handily in the general election. Little attention is being paid to what’s going on on the other side, though. Sam Granato and Christopher Stout are currently vying for position on the ballot and what’s going on there has been rather telling.


Bob Bennett Doesn't Get It


Bob Bennett is in the fight of his political career. Several strong candidates are pushing a fierce intra-party challenge that has forced “Bailout Bob” to fight strong and hard to hold onto that Senate seat. Bennett, however, doesn’t seem to really understand why people are so upset with him.

What America is tired of is Beltway politics. Bob Bennett, however, actively plays the game. Not only does he play it, he excels at it and even enjoys it. That just isn’t playing very well with the voting public anymore. We’re all tired of the same old Washington games, we’re tired of establishment politics, and we’re tired of powerful interests getting special favors. What’s too bad for Bennett is that his record shows that he’s been all over that action.

That’s what makes his reaction all the more ineffective. He (or his campaign team) has misidentified the problem as being perceived either as too liberal or not conservative enough. As a result, Bennett has taken to jumping onto the tea party bandwagon everywhere he can. I don’t think that’s going to work so well. Signing the Club for Growth pledge and talking endlessly about the Constitution rings hollow so long as he’s racking up endorsements from establishment politicos like Newt Gringrich at fancy fundraisers.

And that’s the proof positive that Bob Bennett doesn’t get it.

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