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The Federal Lands Fight is Worth It


A lot of people are saying that the current efforts to bring federal lands back to state control are misguided. What’s truly misguided is thinking that this isn’t a fight worth picking. The land in question is worth several billion dollars in one-time sales and hundreds of millions of dollars in on-going revenues. Even if the state only manages to get a settlement for better terms from the feds, it is likely to be worth much more than the estimated one-time cost of $3M to pick the fight. Yes, it’s wrapped up in a right-leaning 10th Amendment veneer, but the strategy is sound.

PS I’ve heard exactly zero valid arguments for why federal control is better than state or local control. Almost the only thing I hear is the same old FUD that we’d end up with a barren wasteland after clear-cut logging and strip-mining every one of those acres. You know, just like all of the eastern states that own their land. (Oh wait…)

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