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My political bent started way back in high school with my support of Harry Browne, Libertarian Party, for president in 1996. Since then I’ve been in and out of third parties and finally settled on being an independent after realizing that parties are an unnecessary distraction from getting things done. My ballot looks like someone guessing on a multiple-choice test; I consistently cast votes for Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Constitution Party candidates. (Sorry, Greens; you have yet to field anyone that should hold elective office.)

At the national level, I’d probably be best described as a paleo-conservative libertarian minarchist with realistic tendencies. Even though I think the federal government doesn’t have the correct Constitutional authority to do most of what it does, I hammer pretty hard on their track record of doing those things poorly to back up my positions. I believe most powers assumed by the federal government need to be given back to the states who can, at their discretion, choose whether or not to continue those programs. Right now, the federal government is a jack of all trades and master of none. It’s time to get them back to the basics.

While states have the legal authority to do almost anything they want, I believe power is most properly invested in cities and counties. That way if you don’t like how government is run, you can move across the street instead of across the country (or, as a lot of jerks suggest, to another country). States should set a few guidelines of how things should operate, then stand back and let people figure out what they want. Primarily, they should focus on three key areas: public safety through an effective justice system, ensuring a baseline of educational opportunity through minimal spending equalization between urban and rural areas, and maintaining and building critical public infrastructure.

Just like any blogger, I’m pretty sure I know the answers to most of what I’m talking about. Unlike many bloggers, I’m willing to discuss things and consider alternative options with the same outcome. Feel free to jump into the comments and say your piece.

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