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Chad Bennion, Please Resign


Last year, I registered as part of the Republican Party after years of being completely non-partisan. While a large part of it was a desire to see the abysmal Orrin Hatch finally put out of office, I also wanted to be part of the effort to clean up the party internally. Lately, newly-elected Salt Lake County Republican Party Chair Chad Bennion has made it obvious why there’s still a lot of work to do on the second front. I’d like to lead the charge in calling for, nay, demanding Bennion’s swift resignation.

In case you aren’t familiar with why I’d make this call, witness the comments he’s recently made concerning Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill and his office’s decision that the West Valley Police Department’s officer-involved shooting and subsequent death of Danielle Willard was not justified. Considering that Bennion’s day job is at a law firm representing the Fraternal Order of Police, it’s no small wonder he’d use slurs like “cop hater” against anyone who dares to cross the thin blue line.

This on its own is enough to be disappointed and oppose his re-election, but not quite enough to go farther. What really pushes this into resignation territory is the action taken by Chair Bennion last night. He used the official email list of the Salt Lake County GOP to push an “officer support rally” event to further rail against the District Attorney. In effect, the Chair is using his position in the party to use party resources to push the interests of his employer, a law firm representing members of the Fraternal Order of Police. This is an ethical breach so egregious that anyone with a lick of common sense wouldn’t dare do it. Unfortunately, it appears that Bennion is quite deficient.

Chad Bennion, you need to resign your position as Chair of the Salt Lake County Republican Party effective immediately. This gross misconduct besmirches the party’s reputation and wastes political capital that should be spent on elections.

Updated to reflect Bennion’s correct association with the FOP.

4 Responses to Chad Bennion, Please Resign

  1. Jesse,

    I was not aware that Chad worked directly for the Fraternal Order. I was under the impression that he was employed by a local law firm. What is his position with the FOP?

  2. Thanks for the clarification. I don’t think it changes the conflict of interest, but it does clarify where it comes into play.

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