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Daily Herald Editor Randy Wright Lies About Dan Liljenquist’s Vote Record


Nothing gets me more incensed than when someone with a large audience lies. Today, the liar is Randy Wright. He’s not just some dink with a blog (like me), he’s the editor of the Daily Herald, one of the major newspapers in our state. In a recent blog post, he claims that Dan Liljenquist avoided the vote on the controversial HB116 in the 2011 legislature in order to further his upcoming run for Senate. The problem with this claim, however, is that the vote record clearly shows that Liljenquist cast a ‘nay’ vote on the bill.

My big problem with this is that as an editor and a journalist, Mr. Wright is responsible for fact-checking everything published under the paper he runs. In this instance, the fact-checking takes all of about 30 seconds of perusing the legislature’s website to find the actual vote record. I can’t imagine that a man in Mr. Wright’s position would fail to check the actual record, so I can only come to the conclusion that he decided to lie in order to hurt the Liljenquist campaign.

Mr. Wright, you owe Dan Liljenquist a formal public apology and retraction of your completely inaccurate statements.

(PS I have a handy screenshot of the original post, so don’t go trying to cover it up, m-kay?)

4 Responses to Daily Herald Editor Randy Wright Lies About Dan Liljenquist’s Vote Record

  1. Bravo, Jesse. Randy Wright is an establishment guy through and through. How else to explain away a newspaper editor who tells you to your face that he really, really likes Senator Curt Bramble?

  2. Your claim is inaccurate, Jesse. You failed to continue your research (which you so demand from others) to find that Liljenquist SKIPPED the final vote on HB116. While you stopped researching when you found your desired answer, Mr. Wright continued to research until he found the truth. Probably why he is writing on the platform he’s writing on…and you’re doing this…

    So, I believe YOU now owe Randy Wright the apology.

    What’s most intriguing is Danny voted nay (which you quoted through the link above) on the initial senate vote, but then was somehow absent to vote when it counted most on the second vote – WHICH TOOK PLACE ON THE VERY SAME DAY. Danny is a marionette for a national hate group. Not the type of leader I want.


  3. “Danny is a marionette for a national hate group. Not the type of leader I want.”

    James just identified himself as a “marionnette” for Orrin Hatch. Your point may be correct about some of the voting record, but the other comment is totally in left field.

    For the record, Hatch has spent at least 10X over Dan. He is owned by large corporations and private interests. Simply search his record and donors to learn the truth.

  4. Ronald D. Hunt

    “He is owned by large corporations and private interests.”

    Dan only got into the primary tonight because Dick Army’s Freedom works, Americans for prosperity, and giant fountains of money from the Koch brothers and other out of state billionaires saw fit to put him their with a massive campaign to replace delegates earlier in the primary process.

    Hatch chose the better road by get the message out and striving for a high turnout in order to involve more people in the process.

    The better candidate won tonight, And think whatever you like of Hatch I have yet to see a better replacement from the republicans.

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