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Having the Wrong Argument


For far too long, those who want to shrink the federal government have been focused on the ineffectual arguments that individual programs are immoral, illegal, and/or unconstitutional. Despite decades of making these arguments, the scope of the federal government continues to increase as they fail to gain traction with the greater public. It is a much more effective argument to instead attack the efficacy (or lack thereof) of federal programs. It is a much easier argument to conclusively prove and appeals to our collective sense of local is better. It also does not proscribe state and/or local governments from considering such programs should their citizens so choose it.

3 Responses to Having the Wrong Argument

  1. A nice point of debate would be the federal law the NRA and gun advocates are rallying around. Its what they want but it definitely isn’t defending state’s rights.

  2. This echoes a point I have have often made, that we are not asking the right questions or we are answering the wrong ones. And the way to find the right questions so you can find find the right answers is to look at things from the bottom up, not from the top down. Or, as you say, “the collective sense of local.” So, since the right answer for Problem A in Montgomery, AL may not be the same in Sandy, UT, we should be able to work on it ourselves first.

  3. “It is a much more effective argument to instead attack the efficacy (or lack thereof) of federal programs.”

    As opposed to the efficacy of privately ran alternatives, Given the growing list of massive fail their.

    I will point out BP, Telco monopolies, Edison schools(private school corporation that runs a few districts in Florida and is headed towards their 3rd bailout, Jeb Bush gave them their first 2), Imagine charter schools(Massive financial fraud), The gross malfeasance in Medicare advantage(Bush era attempt to start privatizing medicare, speaking of which Rick Scott Fl. GOP Gov was involved in largest medicare fraud case(for a while largest fraud case of any type) of all time), *insert New York bank of choice here*, Halliburton, Black Water, S&P(ratings agency behind much of the AAA rated home mortgage junk bonds), etc.

    I am not against alternatives to the government for many things, but simply turning things over to the magic hand doesn’t work, a functional model under which things can operate must be part of any proposal, this includes supporting free flow of information, adjustments for situations of adverse risk making an uncorrected market nonfunctional(health care!), recognition of certain things being a natural monopoly which should either be heavily regulated or outright nationalized, recognition that their are to many people who will not stand for inhuman treatment of our follow man on the basis of free market indifference.

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