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Masterful Maneuvering on HB477


Hearing the absolute uproar over the proposed changes to GRAMA in HB477, the Legislature decided to recall the bill. Unfortunately, the only thing changed was the implementation date to July 1, 2011 with a promise to rework it in a special session before the implementation deadline. This may sound like some kind of victory, but it’s really a piece of masterful work to create leverage.

See, anyone wanting to totally kill HB477 is pretty much SOL. If the Legislature decides to not pass any replacement legislation in a special session, the bill stands. That’s leverage against any changes they don’t like including killing the bill entirely. With that kind of threat dangling over their heads, why wouldn’t opponents agree to many more compromises than before to avoid that outcome? They simply wouldn’t.

I don’t like it at all. That kind of maneuvering is terrible policy-making and a far inferior solution to pulling back and working with the public to come up with something better. So what if media bosses are trying to game the process to eliminate the concept of off-the-record communication? Now that the public is focused on the process like a laser, could they really get away with any kind of shenanigans? I’m betting not.

Legislators, please show a bit more faith in the process, no matter how flawed it can sometimes be. I think you owe us that much.

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  1. We have got to keep the pressure on the Governor and the legislature to make sure they decide it isn’t worth their political careers.

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