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What Peter Corroon Can Do For Rich County


It’s one thing to talk about the big picture of what a candidate’s approach can do for the state as a whole, or even for the ambiguous “rural areas”. The real question is what any of it means in terms of real action in real places. For example, look at Rich County. With a population hovering around 2,000, it is the epitome of rural. On the surface it may seem like the only future this remote area could have is maintaining a 5-to-1 cows-to-people ratio. Think again.

For instance, did you know that the areas just west of Rudolph, the county seat, have been identified as a plentiful source of wind power? Not only is that potential there, a high-capacity power line passes right through it. Combined with a population eager to get back to work and a climate friendly to developing the area, Rich County could easily add hundreds or thousands of jobs to an area hard-hit by the current economic downturn.

Now this isn’t to say that the cows don’t have any value. In fact, improving the food processing industry in Utah would add significant value to our agricultural sector. Advanced economies cannot exist solely by selling or exporting raw materials. The true mark of a well-diversified and balanced economy consists in taking our raw materials and creating finished products. Even if such manufacturing isn’t immediately in Rich County, it creates demand for the raw materials.

Peter Corroon has publicly stated his commitment to developing these sectors of the economy by being a partner with private industry. His strategies for rural development can help ensure that we don’t get too invested in a single industry or region. For this reason, I encourage you to support Peter Corroon for Utah Governor.

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