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Why Corroon's Charges are Sticking


A lot of people, including the governor, don’t seem to understand why Corroon’s charges are sticking. It’s so simple, though. Not only did Gary Herbert not deny the factual basis of Corroon’s attacks in a recent KSL debate, he has continually failed to provide any kind of alternate explanation beyond “no I didn’t”. It doesn’t make for a very compelling argument, especially with how flustered the guv has gotten when confronted on those issues.

So what’s the deal, Gary? Is there some other story other than the one Peter tells? If so, do you want to share it with us? Until you do, the accusations have legs.

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  1. Off topic (only slightly) I have to hand it to you Jesse. Though I often disagree with you, you are an exception to the numerous crowd who call themselves independent but are not. You really are. Just as often as you challenge those of us on the left, you take on conservative groups like Utah Taxpayers and pols like Herbert when they practice bad faith politics. Thanks for reminding me that independent voters with a penchant for good government do actually exist. Sometimes here in Utah it’s easy to think they’re as mythical as unicorns and Carl Wimmer’s science books.

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