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Prop 8 is Still Far From Settled


I saw a lot of comment almost immediately on Twitter after it was announced that the judge in the case to overturn California’s Proposition 8 had declared the ballot measure to be an un-Constitutional violation of the 14th Amendment. Despite both cheering and booing of the decision, everyone is missing the point that the matter isn’t anywhere near over. There will be an appeal to the 9th Circuit, and most likely it will continue to the Supreme Court. (It’s anyone’s guess as to if the SCOTUS will choose to hear the case or not.) Any victory dancing or lamentations are premature, especially since a stay on the ruling as part of the appeal is very likely.

Quite honestly, Judge Walker made the right decision. The arguments in favor of Prop 8 were weak and amateurish. (ONE witness? Seriously guys?) None of the defendants in the case, including the Governor and Attorney General, chose to argue the government’s case in favor of it. Any judge who actually ruled in their favor would have been rightfully ridiculed as out of his mind.

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  1. The governor was against prop 8 so naturally he wouldn’t have argued in favor of it. I have to admit that he gained a tremendous amount of respect from me when he voiced his opinion on it, and I am paraphrasing here…

    He said that while he personally felt that marriage was between a man and a woman and he was personally and morally against homosexuality that it was not his place to legally impose that moral belief on a group. That’s been pretty much been my opinion the past few years that this particular debate has been going on – if your belief is against gay marriage, that fine. I dont take issue with peoples various moral beliefs. Practice those beliefs within your home, your family, your parish, your ward, and your congregation. I disagree with legally imposing those beliefs on a minority group.

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