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Endorsement: Steve Wrigley for Canyons School Board #5


School board is one of those positions that, like city council, not enough voters pay attention to. When they do pay attention, it is all to often a reaction to an unpopular policy, not proactive involvement. I don’t yet have any children enrolled in a public school, but that means now is the time to get involved, before the bad decisions get made.

I want to preface this with saying that I think all of the four candidates vying for the seat are good candidates. I did not dismiss any one of them out-of-hand because they all sound like reasonable people that won’t do anything too rash. (Of course, how do you know until they are there?) Each of them responded to my e-mail inquiries within 24 hours, so responsiveness is not an issue. Each of them provided detailed answers to my questions either via phone or e-mail and it appears that they have all put some thought into running for this position.

Even though all of them are good candidates, one stands apart from the rest: Steve Wrigley. I feel that he has both a good understanding of how the district is currently operating combined with a willingness to try out new things to see if they will work, but not without doing some research ahead of time. Some of his main planks include moving 9th grade to high school and 6th grade to junior high to better utilize existing facilities, increasing building energy efficiency with an eye towards a reasonable ROI, better partnerships with local governments and businesses, and exploring the use of ebooks to replace costly textbooks. Despite his plethora of ideas, I came away with the feeling that he will not grow complacent with the status quo and always be looking for ways to improve how the district operates.

I would encourage each of you who can to vote for Steve Wrigley in the Tuesday primary for Canyons School Board #5.

Note: below is contact information for all of the candidates currently running. The Salt Lake County Clerk doesn’t list this information online, but will happily e-mail most of it to you on request.

Steven J. Morrison
(801) 842-4303

Steve Wrigley
(801) 598-3894

Melody Shock
(801) 596-0416

C. Grant Hurst
(801) 942-4832

One Response to Endorsement: Steve Wrigley for Canyons School Board #5

  1. Jesse:

    I had the opportunity to meet with both Steve Wrigley and Melody Shock last night (9/2/10) at a neighbor’s home.

    Steve Wrigley has spent a lot of time developing relationships with the current school principals and administrative people and believes he has the ability to improve the school system without significant change to the status quo. He does not appear to be tuned in to taxpayer concerns as was evidenced by his lack of knowledge about what was in the bond, which narrowly passed recently.

    Melody Shock is not an administrative person as much as she is passionate about teaching children. She is a teacher but does not belong to the UEA. She has worked very hard to get the votes she did in the primary election, she had the most votes of any of the four candidates, despite that she had no signs, has no web site, etc. But she feels very strongly about wanting to be an agent for change. While she wants the best education available for our children, she is not pleased with the way the School Board seems to be out of touch with parents and tax payers. She doesn’t think the Canyons District was forthcoming to the taxpayers when asking for the bond passage. She is opposed to the three-story Brighton football health spa (the top floor of which will be used to view film clips and discuss football training). She wonders why the board thinks it will cost 13 million dollars to fit Albion with air conditioning and is anxious to see who gets the contract. She is not pleased with the “progressive” board members who approved a history book, which states that some people “claim” that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis during WII.

    Perhaps you should actually visit with the candidates before making a recommendation. Invite your neighbors to meet them too. You will learn a lot more than what you learn from a few emails. So far, I endorse Melody Shock. She cares about our children and our wallets.

    While I have the opportunity, let me share some other information about education in Utah, which most people seem to be totally unaware of:

    The following Taxes are used to fund Utah Public Education:
    100% of all Utah Personal Income Tax
    100% of all Corporate and Franchise Income Tax
    100% of all Wine and Liquor Sales Tax (School Lunch Programs)
    55% of all Utah Property Taxes
    100% of all Mineral Production Taxes
    100% of Income tax from Electric Utility Companies
    100% of Income tax from Radio Active Waste Companies
    (Source: Utah State Tax Commission, http://www.tax.utah.gov/research/)

    Don’t take my word for it. Call the Utah State Tax Commission and ask them.

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