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Arizona and Immigration


More supposed constitutionalists should be questioning the wisdom of what Arizona is doing. Controlling the border is clearly a federal responsibility. Just because they are doing a sucky job at it doesn’t mean you get to step in and take over. Remember how much it cheeses you off when the feds do that to the states?

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  1. Ronald D. Hunt

    Arizona’s republican party is going to regret passing this law. Their a State that will be a minority-majority State sometime around 2015-2020, That is to say that all of the minority racial groups put together will out number the white Caucasian population of the State.

    The politics on this are a disaster for the republican party long term, Texas is another State that will within the next 10 years become a Minority-Majority State. Their are a whole pile of States talking about similar measures now(all red States).

    This is one of a rather large pile of growing issues that is going to make future elections much more difficult for the republicans.

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