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Sam, It's Time to Get Down to Brass Tacks


I spend a considerable amount of time each election cycle researching candidates to figure out who would best represent me. I can usually find a wealth of information on most candiates, but there are a few who are information black holes. There’s no campaign literature, no website, and no time taken to respond to questions mailed from the major papers. It’s almost like they didn’t really want to run in the first place.

I’m finding that the current lead for US Senate from the Democrats, Sam Granato, has taken frustrating to an entirely brand new level. Despite dozens of YouTube videos and considerable press releases, I couldn’t name even three positions he holds. He hasn’t even bothered to put up a basic website on his domain, having left it parked at GoDaddy for months. The only thing we’re getting is a big pile of empty fluff, meaningless platitudes with no position statements. Worse yet, complaining about the problem only gets a snide remark that you should get behind the horse without knowing what you’re getting into.

C’mon, Sam. Running an “I Like Ike” type of campaign is insulting our intelligence. Take the whole 30 minutes to grab a free copy of WordPress with some cheap hosting and put up some campaign planks. Or nab a free account from Blogger and redirect your domain. Stop acting like you’re entitled to our support because Shurtleff is loony, Bennett is out-of-touch, and nobody else has stepped forward.

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  1. There are others who have stepped forward -Shurtleff is one of four Republicans hoping to replace Bennett – that being said, Sam has spent a lot of time talking about being our next senator without leaving any real impression of where he stands on anything (except that he’s a Democrat).

  2. The competition would be useful if they weren’t putting on a pageant for who can be more conservative. Eager, Bridgewater, and Williams all sound like lesser-known Shurtleffs.

  3. He owns a domain on GoDaddy.
    GoDaddy will install WordPress for free.
    GoDaddy has a few free site builders, and they have several WYSIWYG site builders. Do the Demos have no one that can build a site? Why doesn’t whoever is making Sam those silly videos spend ten minutes making a silly website instead? It certainly couldn’t be much worse …

  4. Pageant is a good word. I’m with you on wishing Sam had a sight up already, but I think it’s worth noting too that he’s announced his run earlier enough that putting a lot of effort into message now would only be swallowed and forgotten by the time this really gets rolling.

    Also, looking at the pages of the other candidates up already, they aren’t contributing much information themselves beyond buzzwords and vapid talking points (yes, talkin’ to you Shurtleff).

  5. I love Sam’s campaign. The guy is real.

  6. jasonthe: Point well taken. All the same, getting a few of your planks out there to attract supporters is critical. I don’t expect a treatise detailing every single position (though I wouldn’t object to one), but I do expect a list of 3-5 top issues and positions. Without that, it’s not really a campaign so much as it is a popularity contest. The substance-free way in which the Republicans are running their campaigns should not be emulated.

    (And yes, there’s a real chance I’d get behind Sam. I endorsed Ashdown in 2006, put signs in my yard, even showed up at several volunteer events.)

  7. Thanks for your comments Jesse. A splash page is going up anytime, and Sam’s website is soon to follow. I think you will like it, a lot, but then again, bloogers are the best critics.

    There is a plan. There is a strategy. And, there is a lot more to this race than trying to outrace the GOP candidates who are trying to out conservatise each other, out principle each other, and out Gayle Ruzika each other.

    Sam will give you the information you so desperately want to disseminate and analyze, and it won’t be full of buzz or code words that mean or say little.

    Sam is building his support network, opening a new office, and meeting with Utah residents everyday. He might even get to sleep, soon.

    Again, thanks for your comments.

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