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The Decaying Tone of the Discussion


This letter from today’s Salt Lake Tribune pretty much nails why conservative thought isn’t being taken seriously anymore. By abdicating control of the discussion to talking heads with little interest in civility or honesty, we’ve pretty much screwed ourselves. With people like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Karl Rove as the self-appointed voices of conservatism, even the looniest position from the opposition can start to sound sane.

I’m not surprised that voters gave Republicans the bum’s rush. After so many years of what they called “capitalism”, socialism had to start sounding pretty good. Every time one of them screams “socialism!” as a debate-ending epithet, it only reinforces that perception. Sadly, it looks like voters may do another “throw the bums out” in 2010, putting these same people back into power before they have been properly repudiated and replaced.

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  1. If you want conservative thought that is not reduced to a thoughtless division between “great Americans” and “idiots” take a look at Politics Elevated.

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